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Naval Health Clinic Patuxent River Pharmacy COVID-19 Operating Procedures

The Naval Health Clinic Patuxent River Pharmacy, located in the Navy Exchange on Cuddihy Rd., is operational and serving patients. Its hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mon., Tue., Thurs., and Fri.; and 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wed. The Pharmacy is closed weekends and federal holidays.
There are many options for DoD patients to fill their prescriptions either on base or anywhere else.  During the time of the Coronavirus Pandemic our operations will be changed as follows to minimize risk of virus spread:

1.    If you choose to fill your medications at NHC Patuxent River (at the Navy Exchange), you MUST request them before you come via one of the following options:
                (1) Activate via our NHCPR App 
                (2) QR Code 
                (3) Navy Exchange Pharmacy Drop Box 
                (4) Call 301-757-2605.

****You must provide a cell phone number/carrier or home phone number when placing your request. You will be contacted when your prescriptions are ready via text or call.  Only come to the pharmacy AFTER you have received notification form the pharmacy that your prescription is ready. There are no co-pays for medications filled on base. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all chairs have been removed and waiting in person is prohibited to minimize your risk and exposure to other sick patients. Please assist us in minimizing traffic and supporting social distancing by requesting medications needed soon/immediately and delaying any non-urgent items.

2.   There is no change to the refill process.  To request refills, call the Automated Call-in Refill Line at 1-800-377-1723 (prescription label information is needed) or by visiting
                (a) To use complete the following steps:
                i.    Login (create an account if you don't have one)
                ii.   Click on the "RX REFILL" option
                iii.  Select the medications you want to refill by checking the box.
                iv. Select the pharmacy pick up location
                v.  All refills will be available 5 business days later at the NHC Patuxent River pharmacy via the pick up line.  Please come to the pharmacy AFTER the date/time provided during request.

3.   If you cannot make it to base.
(a) You may use any retail pharmacy except for CVS and Target.  CVS and Target do not except TRICARE.
                i.      Active Duty members have no co-pay.
                ii.      Dependents and Retiree beneficiaries have a copay.
(b) TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy may be a good option for you                
                i.      Recommended for chronic conditions (high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, etc.    
                ii.      Not recommended for acute conditions (any kind of infections, new onset pain)
                iii.      Active Duty members have no co-pay.
                iv.      Dependents and Retiree beneficiaries have a copay.

**If you are experiencing contagious illness/quarantine, are considered in a high risk population, or are unable to stand in the pick up line due to mobility, we are offering curbside pick-up by parking in designated pharmacy parking spaces located in front of the NEX. Please pull into one of those spaces and call 301-757-2605.

Effective 13 October 2020

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