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Patient Portal Prescription Refills Now Available!


All prescribers must submit electronically via eRx. 
Hard copies are accepted only when the prescriber cannot send via eRx. 

To fill your medications at the Naval Health Clinic Patuxent River Pharmacy (located inside the Navy Exchange), you MUST request them before you come to the pharmacy via one of the following options:

  • Scan the QR code or text “get in line” to 1-833-268-5768
  • Navy Exchange Pharmacy Drop Box
  • Phone (call 301-757-2605, option 1)
** You must provide a cellphone or home phone number when placing your request. You will be contacted via text or call when your prescription(s) are ready. Come to the pharmacy only AFTER you’ve received notification that your prescription is ready. There are no co-pays for medications filled at the NHCPR Pharmacy. **
** If you are experiencing symptoms, have a contagious illness, have been instructed to quarantine, are considered high-risk population or are unable to come inside to the pickup line due to mobility constraints, we offer curbside pickup. Park in one of the designated pharmacy parking spaces located in front of the Navy Exchange and call 301-757-2605 to have your prescription(s) brought out to you. **

New Prescriptions

The pharmacy is inside the Navy Exchange.

Our pharmacists, technicians, and corpsmen are skilled professionals whose focus is providing you with safe, quality medications. Please contact a pharmacist or your provider if you are unsure about how and when to take your medications. We offer medication counseling with each new prescription and are available during business hours to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your medications.

You can now request a prescription activation with your mobile phone!

You will receive a call or text notification when your medication is ready for pickup.

To learn more, visit our Prescription Activation page.

Point-of-Service Patient Care

Please pick a number from the kiosk located between Windows 4 and 5:
  • Urgently needed prescriptions will be processed for same-day pickup.
  • Maintenance prescriptions will be available for pickup within 1-2 business days.
Please tell the pharmacy technician at the window you would like to receive a text or phone call once your medication has been filled so that they can enter your phone number and preference.
Renewals entered by a provider are new prescriptions and will be processed when the patient activates them.

How to use the Kiosk

1. Scan your military ID card OR manually enter your DOD ID number.

2. Select whether you are "Uniformed Active Duty" or a "Patron in Civilian Attire."

3. Choose your reason for visiting the pharmacy:
  • New prescription
  • Post-op or ER discharge
  • Return for pickup
  • Questions
4. Take your ticket.

5. Proceed to the designated window when your ticket number is called.

No need to stand in line!

Privacy Notice

Prescription label changes have been made to protect your identity. The last four numbers of the sponsor’s Social Security Number are no longer printed on patient education pamphlets, packaging materials, and medication labels.
However, to verify your identity when picking up prescriptions, you will be asked for a combination of either DOD ID number, patient date of birth, or full patient name. 

Prescription Pick Up & Drop Off

Prescriptions are kept on the shelf for 14 days. After that, they must be returned to stock.
There are two options available for prescription drop-off:
  • Drop box located near pharmacy Window #5. It is available whenever the Navy Exchange is open. When using this service, your scripts will be available within 1-2 business days, unless you have an urgent need.
  • You may take a ticket and wait to be called to drop off your prescription at the window. 

Pharmacy Services & Ways to Refill Scripts

MHS GENESIS Patient Portal Refill Option
Log on to your Patient Portal, select Rx Refills from the top ribbon on the home page. 
Within the patient portal you can:
  • See all prescriptions available for refill.
  • Select the prescription you want to refill.
  • Select where you want to pick up your refills.
  • See when your prescriptions are ready for pick up. 
Automated Call-In Refill
Our pharmacy offers an automated call-in refill system. Patients can simply call the refill number, 800-377-1723, listed on the medication label, using any touch-tone phone.

TMOP (TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy) & Home Delivery
With the DOD TMOP program, you can receive up to a 90-day supply of most medications taken regularly for ongoing conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, and high cholesterol. If you're already a user, login to your account at

About Refills

The pharmacy requires refills to be requested in advance. Your refills will be processed at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and delivered to Patuxent River for dispensing, so this requires processing and delivery time after the request is made. Call the toll-free number, 800-377-1723; located at the top of your prescription label, Please adhere to the pick-up time provided when placing your request via phone. You will receive a call or text notification when your medication is ready for pickup.

WRNMMC does not count weekends or holidays as business days. We cannot offer same-day refills except in emergencies.
  • Refills generally take 3-5 business days to allow for filling at WRNMMC and transport to our facility. Some refills can arrive sooner, or some can arrive later if it is a specialty drug that must be ordered. You will receive a text notification or call when your refill is ready for pickup.
  • Refills are only kept on the shelf for 14 days. Please pick up your medication within that time frame or, in case of emergency, call us so that we can note on the bag when you will be picking up.
  • You may be eligible for a 90-day supply of most non-controlled prescriptions. Ask your pharmacist for details.

Expediting Your Pharmacy Visit

Here are a few tips for getting faster service at our Pharmacy:
  • Please have your military/family member ID card out.
  • You will be asked for Other Health Insurance information.
  • Please inform the pharmacy staff if the patient has any allergies and the weight of all children under 13 years old receiving medications.
  • If you are picking up medications for another patient (except dependent children under age 18), you will need to present a copy of the patient's Military ID. A cell phone photo of the front and back of the patient's Military ID card is also acceptable.

What to Bring with You

Your military ID card.

Thank you for choosing Naval Health Clinic Patuxent River Pharmacy for your prescription needs.

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