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The Naval Health Clinic Patuxent River Customer Service Department exists to help ensure that health care is delivered in a professional and courteous manner, respecting the dignity and rights of our patients and staff. We know that the customer’s perception about quality of health care is affected greatly by the atmosphere in which the care is delivered, communication, and the attitude of staff members during each customer encounter. We strongly believe that personalized attention and clinical excellence promote a positive customer experience.


The primary mission of the Customer Service Department is to strengthen, personalize, and enhance the relationship between patients, their families, community and staff; and to assist our staff in gaining awareness of patients’ perceptions of the health care experience.

Late Policy

Patients are asked to arrive on time for their scheduled appointments to provide adequate time for check-in to the clinic, verification of demographics and Other Health Insurance (OHI), and completion of all paperwork necessary for a valuable visit with your provider.

A late show is any patient who arrives to the clinic 15 minutes after their scheduled appointment time. Please understand that being late for your appointment affects ALL following appointments. If you arrive 15 minutes or more past your scheduled appointment time, you will be offered the options to wait until the provider is free to see you or to reschedule your appointment.

Appointment Cancellation Policy

An appointment is designated a no-show when a patient does not keep a scheduled appointment or cancels an appointment without sufficient notice to rebook the appointment slot.

If you would like to cancel your appointment with Med Home Port or Military Medicine, please call 301-342-1506 no less than two (2) hours before your appointed time.

If you would like to cancel your appointment with a specialty clinic (Optometry, Behavioral Health, Occupational Health, Visiting Specialists), please call 301-342-1506 no less than 24 hours before your appointed time.

Failure to cancel your appointment within the time frames above will result in you being designated as a “no-show.”

No-shows create barriers to access to care for beneficiaries and are in violation of NHC Patuxent River's Patient's Bill of Rights and Responsibilities. Naval Health Clinic Patuxent River pursues timely Access to Care for all beneficiaries requiring appointments. When an appointment is reserved but "No-Show" versus "Cancel" in a timely manner this results in someone who needed an appointment not receiving medical care. In fact, did you know the average cost a clinic appointment is $104 per visit and those dollars contribute to purchases for additional clinical services deemed necessary. Lastly, a "No-Show" may also prevent an Active Duty Service member from completing operational readiness requirements. Therefore, we appreciate if you could be supportive of the military treatment facilities Access to Care efforts, so the trusted quality care you rely on, will be there when you need it. Thank you.

Naval Health Clinic Patuxent River pursues timely Access to Care for all beneficiaries requiring appointments.

Referral Management

Our Referral Management center includes staff who process referrals within the Naval Health Clinic and to other military treatment facilities (MTFs) within the National Capital Area (NCA). They also review referrals to be sent to Humana Military for authorization for civilian care and treatment. Staff are available to assist in answering questions regarding status of a specialty referral where a referral was sent (MTF or civilian), whether an authorization letter for civilian care has been mailed, etc.

Questions about your Referral?

Visit the Civilian Care Referral page for more information about civilian care referrals.
You can also visit our alternative site to learn more about NHC Pax River Referrals or to another MTF.

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