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The Patuxent River Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program is dedicated to providing safe, caring, and effective substance abuse treatment services to eligible beneficiaries in a timely and accessible manner, bringing hope and recovery to our patients with substance abuse problems.
The staff is committed to the enhancement of quality living through prevention, early identification, and individualized treatment strategies to promote wellness for individuals and their families. Utilizing a patient and family-centered approach to change, SARP provides quality psycho-education and therapeutic interventions for patients, their families, and significant others that promote health lifestyle changes and long-term sobriety.

SARP Services

Level I Outpatient Treatment for substance abuse/dependence; Early Intervention Services (IMPACT) for first time alcohol-incident offenders who do not meet criteria for a higher level of care; Substance Disorder Evaluation/Assessment; Outreach (Education) and Aftercare (Continuing Care Support).

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